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Case Studies on Course Material Affordability Programs at North American University Libraries (ACRL/Choice/Springer Webinar)


Register for the next ACRL/CHOICE webinar sponsored by Springer Nature, where you’ll learn about course material affordability initiatives at two large U.S. Universities. Hear how academic libraries provide students with access to required content. Discover how librarians and faculty members interact to assess and provide relevant course materials. From initial requests, acquisition considerations, to licensing, you’ll observe differing approaches to the implementation of course materials in the University classroom.

Do you work closely with faculty when considering the cost and availability of course learning materials for students? Are you involved in the acquisition process? Do you have an interest in the development of your course content requests process? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then this is the webinar for you – from academic liaison to collections development specialist, this webinar covers a number of useful topics for all in the library community.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018
1:00pm - 2:00pm
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Join Cheryl Cuillier, Open Education Librarian at University of Arizona, and Elizabeth Siler, Collection Development Librarian at UNC Charlotte, as they present and discuss their own approaches to course material programs at their respective institutions. After this, you’ll hear from Joerg Sixt, Head of Product Technologies (Major Reference Works), and former Mathematics Editor at Springer Nature, about the textbook program, including some interesting – and sometimes surprising – findings on popular textbooks. Joerg will observe how students interact with textbooks before providing a brief insight into the commissioning process, concluding with information on which textbooks are the most used globally – and in the US – and why this might be.

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